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Your Hideaway in Paradise

Surf, Yoga & Massage Getaway 

Hey You Busy People,  

Thinking for a quick and easy getaway? What about a weekend away in Paradise learning to surf and enjoying daily morning yoga while also learning to surf! 

We've created this Surf, Yoga & Massage Getaway especially for YOU. 

No hassles, no headaches. We make getting away for a quick holiday and recharge an easy thing for you. All you need to do are book your tickets and tell your boss you're finally taking those overdue holiday leave - EASY PEASY! 

So what are you waiting for, the next life?

Return to your life feeling fantastic!

The countryside on the beach, a marvel.

An endless beach with shiny black sand and nobody for hundreds of meters. Rooms tent on stilts of bamboo, superb layout, clean, comfortable (super mattress) and airy, feeling of soft freshness even during hot days.

Great meetings of people with a peaceful and positive spirit... a little jewel of wonders.

Benedicte, Belgium

Surfing Lessons or Coaching

It doesn’t matter what your surfing level is we will find a suitable coach to guide you and having the best surfing experience in West Bali!

Daily Traditional Balinese Massage

Designed to wash your stresses away allow us to pamper you with daily one-hour, full-body and deep-tissue holistic treatment using a combination of gentle stretches, acupressure and aromatherapy to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and prana (energy) around your body. Guaranteed to bring a sense of well-being, calm and deep relaxation. 

Daily Morning Yoga

A fantastic way to greet the day is by enjoying a morning yoga!

Daily Breakfast

Lovingly prepared by our friendly staff.

Daily Fresh Fruit

Served all day! All you need is ask and our staff will prepare a serve for you to enjoy.

Daily Meal

Once a day, either lunch or dinner, you can enjoy a meal and it'll be on us!

Sourced from local restaurants, subject to menu availability. A little bird told me these restaurants serve fabulous local dishes, yummo...

You can purchase additional meals throughout the day. Our staff will be happy to put the order for you, or they'll be happy to take you on their motorbike to explore different restaurants. 

Unlimited Drinking Water

We are committed in trying limiting the use of plastic by providing filtered drinking water for everyone. Together, we’ll make a difference.


Transport from and to airport, or other destinations (outside designated area may incur an additional cost).


5 Days 899 AU$ – 3 surf + 3 yoga + 4 massage

6 Days 1039 AU$ – 3 surf + 4 yoga + 5 massage

7 Days 1169 AU$ – 3 surf + 5 yoga + 6 massage

Surf & Yoga Getaway

All payments are processed via PayPal using major credit cards.

Rest assured your financial info is kept secure and private, we cannot access or obtain any of your financial information whatsoever.

PayPal transactions incur 2.5% fee which is added to the price. Alternatively, email us if you choose to pay by direct debit and we will provide you with bank details (Australia or Indonesia banking institutions).

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Refunds & cancellations:

In the event that we are unable to proceed prior to the start of the event, we will refund your money in full but no responsibility will be taken for any travel-related costs.

Should you wish to cancel your participation in the retreat we will refund your money less 10% of the total price to cover our administration fees, up to one week to the commencement of the event. There will be no refunds for cancellations in the last week prior to the commencement of the event.

Please send your questions to [email protected]


  • Airfares
  • Travel insurance

This Surf & Yoga Getaway Package is for you if:

✔ You want to unwind, rest and relax. Unplug from technologies such as your smartphone and other devices. Remove yourself from the constant stimulation of internet, online streamings and other similar stimulants to give your brain a chance to defragment, and giving your mental hard drive a reboot and start afresh.

✔ You want to have a holiday that is not stressful

✔ You want to experience the authentic Balinese living and not just a 'staged show'.

✔ You also want to have a bit of fun surfing!

✔ You want to immerse in the beauty of nature, right by the beach and surrounded by grass fields and rice paddies, while still have the comfort of a cosy bed and hot shower.

This package is NOT for you if:

❌You want to be boxed in the four white walls of those modern-looking concrete villas.

❌You want to party and busy nightlife in the crowded and touristy areas.

❌You want to be at as many as Bali tourist destinations as possible during the duration of your stay so that you can take a thousand photos to find that ‘one perfect instagram pose’

Yeh Sumbul Beach, Pulukan, Pekutatan, Jembrana, Bali 82261 Indonesia

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