Bali Tiger

Your Hideaway in Paradise


Whether you're a novice surfer who needs a lot of hand holding, intermediate or expert surfer but need guidance about the waves and conditions of the area on the west coast of Bali, then Bali Tiger Hideaway is the place to go to. 

Collaborating with the local surfing community which consists of a bunch of fun, professional and experienced surfers who know the conditions of the area well, as they have been surfing locally since they were young kids,we want to ensure our guests get the fun and fulfilling experience they're looking for!

Our favourite surfing coaches, Soep & Dery, are professional surfers who have been surfing the waves off the West Bali coast since they were kids. They are experienced surfers and much trusted by Bali Tiger in delivering the surfing lessons to our guests according to each and every individual's needs. 

Their expertise paired with humble personalities are the perfect combination we look for. We feel very fortunate to have them.